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Look, waiting for the world population to do something on its own might or might not be effective in the long term, but one thing is sure, it’s not going quick enough over all, if politics doesn’t change fast enough either. People have their every day lives they have to attend to, lots are struggling to make ends meet and even if they are middle or upper class, they do not have the obligation in any way to do someting, because of this individualist society that is so popular in the West. On the other hand, politics does have the obligation to take care of the world, to anticipate problems and be steps ahead of these problems. So why are we always treating this like everyone is obliged to make equal efforts, when we have made a system that is supposed to allocate these kinds of efforts to the people that have the time, money and power? In other words and to put it more bluntly: our leaders are standing and watching, doing either nothing because of ignorance or indeed choosing to take money from lobbyists in exchange for policies that only worsen the situation.

If we want to beat the lobbyists to it, the only thing that is going to help is to collectively influence politics, because we are clearly lacking on that front. Stop your efforts to influence the people who are ill equiped to deal with this monstrosity of a situation and start finding other people who do understand it and together take the fight to the place where it counts.

Once our leaders understand, their followers will follow.

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