Eight Reasons Green Brands Suck: Part 2, Tesla and Nest, The “Ungreen”
Valerie Salinas-Davis

Tesla cannot be a 100% green yet, because it requires immense research and development first. The car industry needs to change and show people the better alternative, namely 100% electric cars. And the energy industry needs to change too, in order to always provide green renewable energy and sustainable batteries for those cars. Tesla is the only private company to tackle these problems on a large scale, because their prime goal is not profit, but to save our climate.

They can’t change the world if they use old business models based on for-profit goals and that includes dealerships, since they add an unnecessary and costly third party.

Elon’s motivation for Tesla is that society is currently extending our fossil fuel era, exposing us to unnecessary risk every day we continue to support this. He and his investors are the only rich people with the balls to tackle it, in stead of just going for profit. If that’s not green, then I don’t know what is.

They are the only startup car company to succeed in their business model since Chrysler started in 1925, that’s very interesting and you might want to read up on it a little bit more, before you state that Tesla sucks at being green.

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