So a middle class dilletante who probably has a useless arts degree and has never done a real days…
Adrian Malyon

As a Refugee and a “woman of color" I can state unequivocally that this “writer" does not speak for us. Obviously she has never “bootstrapped” to start a business, to grow one, to hire employees and to advocate for women business owners. I have done all of these things, as have my parents and siblings. Only in the great USA can Refugees and Immigrants succeed. We don’t have a victim mentality — we are focused on building generational wealth. That’s one of many reasons why we voted for the old White billionaire in the White House: his policies are focused on helping us build wealth. He’s removing the Obama regulations that were strangling us. The economy is booming.

I have many in my circle of influence who are mega wealthy, they’ve worked for their millions — they built that, they own it. They are also taxed heavily; it’s almost as if they are penalized for their success. Based on your diatribe, it appears you’re not a rich White woman who has created jobs nor do you understand capitalism- do yourself a favor and educate yourself by reading Ayn Rand.

The Waltons employ and provide benefits for individuals who otherwise might be homeless. Walmart has an excellent program to help Minorities and Women grow their businesses- why do you hate them? Why do you hate their success? Why don’t you appreciate the millions they give away to charity every year?

Rich people don’t owe us, ordinary folks, anything. Please stop victimizing Immigrants and “people of color" — we are not victims and we are tired of misguided White people who use us as pawns.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour kiĺls small businesses, but you seem ignorant about business/regulatory matters so I don’t expect you to grasp the repercussions of what you are suggesting. The market dictates the rates, not government. Let that soak in. The market, not government.

By the way, illegal aliens are not Immigrants — they’re illegal — they’ve broken Immigration laws and their cheap labor hurts Blacks and Immigrants while they’re good for big business which is why Soros pushes for open borders.

All Immigrants and Minorities aren’t Black or Brown, we come in various shades and we’re proud of our skin tones. We don’t use it as a crutch, so please stop referring to us by skin tone.

Rich people don’t owe you anything. It’s not their fault that you have failed at building wealth.