5 Careers You Can Pursue in the Pharmaceutical Industry Today According to Vilvet Pharmaceutical

Vilvet Pharmaceutical
Aug 2 · 3 min read

As a multi-billion-dollar industry, pharmaceutical is one of the largest, and growing industries in the US today, with many people from diverse backgrounds looking to join. For those not familiar with the industry, there is a vast array of opportunities to get involved, from the very beginning with research and development, all the way to the sale of a product. Vilvet Pharmaceutical is a company based out of Pennsylvania, and they are committed to innovation and technology. Their team keeps up with the latest trends in drugs, and they work with other drug developers to support clinical trials and bringing the latest drugs to market. Outlined below are 5 careers that people can pursue within the pharmaceutical industry today.

Sales Representative

One of the first careers that come to mind within pharmaceuticals is a sales representative, responsible for helping bring drugs and products to the public. These workers generally come from a mix of a science and business backgrounds, while many after years of sales in a different industry altogether switch to something different for themselves. They are responsible for helping to sell the companies drugs and products to physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and any other organization that may benefit from carrying and selling the products. Vilvet Pharma notes that they usually do a lot of travelling and help to follow-up with clients and provide support on ordering.

Medical Liaison

Similar in role to a sales specialist, a medical liaison helps provide more of the technical and scientific information to their client base. They usually come from a science background with some sort of post-graduate degree in pharmacology or medicine and can provide physicians and hospitals with information and support on the drugs or products benefits, efficacy, and safety. They can speak to the mechanism of action of the drug that explains how it works exactly, and many times will meet with patients as well if needed or asked to by a client.

Information Specialist

Also referred to as a Medical Information Specialist, they come from medical science backgrounds, many with PhD and MD degrees. They are responsible for helping support their clients (primarily physicians) who prescribe the pharmaceutical company’s drug or product. Vilvet Pharma explains that they work with physicians as needed in identifying patients that may benefit from a drug or figure out why a patient is having a side effect. They also are responsible for helping answer questions directed their way by the sales or liaison teams regarding polypharmacy, efficacy, and safety.

Research and Development

These careers span anywhere from writing grant proposals, to those that actively work on helping develop and research new compounds for use in drugs. They generally work within a laboratory setting and require experience in lab procedures and computer analysis. Daily duties include data collection, observation, and experimental implementation, with a need for analytical skills, attention to detail, and a lot of patience. They are many times also required to present their findings to the company, or even the FDA as needed to help bring a drug or compound to trial. At Vilvet Pharmaceutical, many careers are geared at research and development, many working with other large companies to support the development process.

Clinical Trials

These careers are front-line in working to bridge the gap between research and the market, spanning from drafting phases and the questions needing to answer to those that are actively involved in conducting the actual trials. Those in this career come from a wide array of science backgrounds and are required to have analytical thinking as well as an excellent grasp of the clinical trial process. From the project manager down to data collection specialists, they all help to answer the main questions of if the drug/product is safe and effective to roll out to patients.

Vilvet Pharmaceutical hopes that you consider the pharmaceutical industry for your next job.

Vilvet Pharmaceutical

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Based in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, Vilvet Pharmaceutical is focused on creating quality products at a competitive price.

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