Bigg Boss Tamil: The Hatred And A Reality Check.

Bigg Boss Tamil, the big budget reality show had a very grand opening with ulaga nayagan Kamal Haasan being its host. This one of its kind small screen production is causing a lot of heat waves throughout Tamil Nadu. It is having us hooked to it one way or the other, either we’re criticizing or talking about our favorites in the show. This reality show seems to have everything in big numbers may it be its whooping 1 crore budget, the number of cameras the contestants are surrounded with or even the number of controversies that the show falls into. Starting from questioning the show’s actuality to the rivalry within the contestants, Bigg Boss Tamil is thriving off of controversies. It’s being the major subject of the memes and troll videos in social medias. People have gone to another extent in expressing their thoughts about the show or its contestants. A survey conducted by a Tamil News website which brings out the actual thoughts of the majority.

The day by day there are huge number of fans is watching Bigg Boss Tamil. For every episode at least one trend was created in twitter regarding Bigg Boss Tamil. Oviya is the one who is honest to everyone so that she has huge number of fans for her. Even the celebrities supporting Oviya and her attitude. There are more number whatsapp groups and twitter accounts has been created with the name of #OviyaArmy. Here is the collection of Bigg Boss Tamil memes, media which goes viral over the internet.

A song has been created about Bigg Boss Tamil

#OviyaArmy Song

Here is the tweet which shows its support to Oviya

Meme to support Oviya

Famous Tamil Actress Sripriya tweeted about bigg boss tamil and shows her support to Oviya

Everyone admires her attitude. When she comes out, huge surprise is waiting for her. Love You Oviya.