🤔 Why I built Scrnshts

When I was still working at Sounds, the App Store optimization (keywords, descriptions and screenshots) was one of our top priorities to improve the onboarding.

Indeed the App Store is already part of your onboarding process since that’s one of the first marketing assets users will see from your app. We have to make them memorable. I spent a lot of time doing research to create efficient and beautiful screenshots to help users understand the value of our app. What’s our user’s main problem? How does our app solve it? …

Chat anonymously with people who stay up all night.

✍️ What’s Goodnight™ and why we built it?

Some studies showed us that America’s young people are suffering from a lack of meaningful connection and according to a study published in the American Sociological Review: one in four people have no confidantes at all…

With our little team (Louis Malfoy & Guillaume Clédat) we wanted to create a new fun and original way to meet new people online. Did you ever gather around a campfire at night with your friends to confess your deepest feelings? that’s the experience we tried to re-create.

I know that kind of article isn’t original at all… but we spend a lot of time browsing typography online so I thought it would be interesting to share you some of the type foundries I like to browse when I’m starting a new project (or just for visual pleasure 🍬).

Feel free to tell me yours in the comments section 😙

A2 Type

A2-TYPE is a type foundry set up by the London based design studio A2/SW/HK. Established to release and distribute over a decade’s worth of specially crafted typefaces the foundry offers access to a unique collection of fonts. …

Good morning folks ✨

Welcome to a new little collection of applications I like. This week I focused on apps about Meditation and Photography, because it’s important right?

Oak — Meditation & Breathing

Oak helps the monkey-minded decompress by transforming meditation practices from experiments into habits. It helps you to improve your sleep, practice meditation and breathing exercises. You can customize your meditations duration and choose silence or calming background sounds. Oak tracks your progress and encourages you to continue building a healthy meditation practice, all that for free!

Oak is available to download for free on the App Store.

Hey everyone 👋

One of my personal goal of 2019 is to write more about my learnings, my process and the things I like. I will start with a little series of articles called What’s On My Phone.

I’m really fascinated by mobile apps for a long time and especially since I’m working full time on it so I thought maybe it could be cool to share with you some products I love on my iPhone.


Dice.fm is an application to buy tickets for concerts, clubs and festival. The branding is really sweet and the overall experience to get tickets…

Thomas Vimare

art director + product designer

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