In God’s Shoes

This is a flaky analogy at best, but interesting nevertheless. I got to thinking about creation and God. I believe something created us. Opinions vary as to who or what it was and whether the decision was a wise one or not. Some doubt it was a conscious decision and wonder if we are an accident.

But even so, I wonder why creation has to be a downstream process. Sample this:

Man made computers. Though far from perfect, computers outdo man by far in specific areas. Speed and accuracy for example. Is it therefore possible that man is superior to his creator in at least one respect? Maybe we are more capable of love than him? Maybe his social skills suck and he made us to watch and learn.

I mean, think about it. It appears to me a possibility that the creator felt the need to create us so we could achieve something he couldn’t with what he had at his disposal.

Now he has us (lucky Him!). I can’t tell if we are working the way he intended us to. But that’s only because of the lack of a common frame of reference. Maybe the chaos we see around us makes sense to him. Maybe the world is perfect. He would know. There is really no way we can compare notes with our maker.

Having said that, I think man is slow and inaccurate primarily because he gets distracted. What keeps us from machine-like flawlessness in matters of reason is the fact that it is possible for us to get bored and to lose focus. Maybe the ability to get distracted is our gift. Most great works of literature and art and even several inventions from mankind’s history owe their existence to distraction.

So here’s my point. Maybe distraction is the point. Maybe distraction is what marks us from the creator like it marks our creations from us.

Maybe the creator can’t be distracted. Maybe focus is divine. But how desirable is divinity really? Do we serve our purpose by trying to know him or trying to be him? I am not sure.

Oddly enough(?), man then created machines in the image of his creator. Now he spends days and nights with them trying to make a living. Seriously odd.

This analogy can go in several directions, including some ugly ones. Also, there is always the strong possibility that he doesn’t care a fig’s worth about what happens to us.

However, believers can probably feel a little better about being lazy. It is okay to lose focus at work and being less than dedicated is acceptable. We weren’t made to work like machines.

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