Choose your league

Otherwise be a loser.

I did my very best, did not I ? I was motivated when I started. I was always looking forward for the day will come I’d be done with it. I did have faith. I’ve gone through days, months and even years doing the same thing but overcoming different hardships.

I was like in a circle of oval where runners run and became one of them. As soon as the starter’s gun fired, I ran faster.

“It would be an advantage if I’d be one lap ahead.” I thought.

So, I ran as fast as I can and tried to use half of my strength just to move ahead from the others. But track and field doesn’t work that way. I forgot I’m not the only one’s running. I start to run, so my opponents are, it’s a race after all. We might have the same phase in the beginning but as we go along it will make a difference.

Though I still kept moving, I don’t know how many laps left but I can feel my kness are trembling. My heart is panting, I am running out of air to breathe. I can see my opponents surpasses me. I get distracted, I still keep on running while there are also tons of negative thoughts running in my head.

“Can I make it ? I’ve been running around this circle but why can’t I seem to have any glimpse of the line that will dictates victory?”

Every lap passes by, it consumes me. Did I waste all my energy from the first lap? I guess, yes more than half. Now where I can see the finish line is approaching me, all my strength have been used up already. I couldn’t run any further, my knees broke down to kneel. Couldn’t move it nor lift my self to get up from the race. I, then lost the game.

Can’t believe this over, I watch everything fails. I know I did my best yet, I became a loser. Either in the beginning or in the middle of the race did I made a mistake, I know for sure there’s something that I’ve learned.

I must say, running isn’t the right game I should play.
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