Family fun nights don’t have to break the bank.

There’s nothing better than spending time with the people you love the most. Unfortunately, high costs and unexpected events often get in the way of that much needed family time. These summer months provide the perfect opportunity to make memorable moments that you’ll never forget. Here are some activities that will fit within your budget and still provide family fun.

1 — Beach Day

If you’re lucky enough to live near water, the beach is a scenic destination that can turn into an inexpensive adventure! …

And the methods that help stay out of it.

The total amount of credit card debt Americans owe has reached a staggering $1.057 trillion. Statistics show that many Americans have fallen into the trap of only paying their monthly minimum payment while their total credit debt continues to increase with interest.

There are two popular strategies used in tackling debt, but no matter what strategy you choose lifestyle changes are inevitable. Both strategies require changes to your financial habits, and differentiating between your wants and needs.


The first step is taking a good look at your current financial standing, and developing a budget that supports your financial goals. This…

The indoor culture is looking for a change of pace.

Camping has been making a comeback as a vacation option in recent years. The 2018 North American Camping Report found an increase of 2.6 million camper households in just 2017 alone. All ethnicities were represented in that group, with a near even split of white and non-white. Interestingly enough, Millennials make up 40% of those new campers flooding the parks and campsites.

It should come as no surprise though. Camping fits right in line with what many Millennials find appealing. In addition, many campsites offer Wifi and other technological amenities these days so campers don’t have to completely unplug. …

Make this your most productive decade yet.

Ten years may seem like a long time, however if you’ve noticed how fast the 2010s went by, then you’d realize that 10 year goals aren’t too far off at all.

Your plan should be based off of your personal financial goals, the life you envision living, and the moments you want to experience. Each goal should be segmented into short-term goals that you can assess during your journey in reaching that larger goal. This check-in should be at least every six months to make sure your staying on track and if necessary make the right steps to make adjustments…

They may seem obvious, but they’re hard to do.

If you can’t see the upside to your job, and your career is becoming a chore, you might be on the verge of burnout. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t enjoy your career, but it does mean you need to assess your current work-life balance. Excessive stress and constant emotional fatigue can lead to disengagement at work, turmoil in relationships, and physical and mental instability. Just making a few adjustments to your routine can help you get back on track.

1. Purposeful Career:

Reconnect with your inner drive and remind yourself of why your career is important to you and others. …

Don’t let the scales tip in the wrong direction.

Couples everywhere are tiptoeing around their spouse because of one major issue, finances. Unfortunately, money has become the number one contention between couples, and the second cause of divorce, following infidelity.


In a survey conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education, 75% of couples said that financial deception has hurt their marriage.

Honest communication about purchases, additional accounts or undisclosed debt is a great way to start the conversation and avoid a crisis. Disclosing important financial information, such as a big purchase may make you feel uncomfortable, but trust is a staple component to any relationship. …

The art of making positive growth a habit.

Anyone who has ever set a New Year’s resolution knows there is no short cut to reaching a goal. As it fades in our rear view mirror, the fresh newness of the year often takes with it the momentum for change. We grow weary while facing myriad obstacles in achieving our financial, fitness or lifestyle goals.

Maybe you are feeling discouraged and cynical. If so, you must first shed any doubt in yourself. Most of the battle is right there in choosing to believe you can achieve your goal. Author, life coach and entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, affirms that reaching a…

Made for sitting back, relaxing, and taking your breath away.

A cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime — whether alone, with family, friends, or as a romantic getaway for two. Set sail on exotic, luxury, or popular ships and hop around to multiple destinations without having to book air travel, obtain visas, or plan your stay at different hotels. With so many options for adventure, it can be difficult to choose.

Here are the top 3 voyages from North America

Don’t take on more risk than you’re comfortable with.

Deciding the optimum percentage allocation of stocks and bonds is the single most important decision an investor can make for a portfolio. Finding the right balance for your portfolio depends on how much risk you can withstand.

While the potential to have higher returns through an abundance of stocks may seem attractive because the long run returns are exceedingly higher than bonds, they also they also present a greater risk. If you have a high risk tolerance you would have more stocks in your portfolio because you can withstand the losses that occur in the process.

Equipping your portfolio with…

None of them are out of your reach.

Building wealth over time takes patience and hard work. Self-made millionaires have made sacrifices and adopted key habits that have lead to their success.

1. Saving Goals

The majority of millionaires believe that saving is a key component to financial success. In fact, a study conducted by the Spectrum Group found that millionaires rate the importance of regularly saving an 82 out of 100.

Luckily, saving now requires very little effort because of automation. Start by saving 5% of every paycheck and work your way up to saving 20% percent of every paycheck. …


Vimvest is an app that helps you invest, save, and give all at once. Set goals and shape your future.

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