This is part one of a two part series focused on my learnings going from a big company to startup product management. For part part of the article, click here.

Hello! Welcome back to the second part of my article focused on learnings from big co -> startup product management. In this part, I focus more on team and self management… which was definitely the largest part of my learning experience!

People Management

Trying to do IC work + management long-term is not sustainable: it doesn’t matter how good you are at product. At some point, you will drop the ball somewhere…

This is part one of a two part series focused on my learnings going from a big company to startup product management. For part two of the article, click here.

Hello world! My name is Vinamrata Singal. I’m about to start as the first PM at Landis, a startup that aims to help Americans with limited income achieve their homeownership dream. Prior to this, I was a senior product manager at Propel, where I launched a debit card to millions of Americans with limited income to manage their government benefits and income together. …

I had the fortunate opportunity to grab lunch and chat with Drew Payne, founder and CEO of UpMetrics, an awesome for-profit organization helping youth and community impact programs collect, analyze, and interpret data to inform decisions, build capacity, and increase access to funding opportunities. This work is especially important in disadvantaged communities, where many youth and community organizations are providing quality programming but lack the engagement and outcome data required in today’s funding environment.

Drew Payne outside the UpMetrics office, SOMA, San Francisco

I was inspired by Drew’s background- he grew up on the youth and community impact programs that he is now dedicated to supporting, and he has…

On this next edition of Social Good of Silicon Valley, we are proud to introduce Ayush Khanna and Kohl Gill, two founders behind LaborVoices. LaborVoices is a platform for companies to better understand labor conditions in third party factories. We spoke to Ayush and Kohl about their journey and lessons learned.

What is the 60 second summary of your social good initiative.

LaborVoices is a for-profit company that is a GlassDoor for factory workers around the world to help them improve their working conditions and find the best jobs available. Multinational brands use this data to detect and defeat issues…

Introduction: what is this and why are you doing this?

I distinctly remember the first time I realized that there was gender inequity in the world. It was when I was five years old, and something seemed really odd to me. In our family, it was common for women to spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, and for the men of the family and kids to be served first for every meal. I thought it was so strange, why couldn’t mommy eat first? Later, when my family moved to Saudi Arabia, I had another piece of the puzzle- my mom was forced to wear a headscarf and…

Jimmy Chen is the CEO and founder of Propel, a software company that aims to make America’s safety net more user friendly. Propel grew out of Jimmy’s experience doing a fellowship at Blue Ridge Labs, where he saw first hand the challenges of poverty. Prior to Propel, Jimmy graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems, and worked as a Product Manager at LinkedIn and Facebook.

Can you tell us more about Propel?

Propel is a software company that aims to make America’s safety net more user friendly. We are a ex-Facebook team. Our current product is called…

Our fourth profile features Tenzin Seldon, who is a Stanford grad, Rhodes Scholar, and founder of Kinstep, a platform to help immigrants find work. Tenzin, a former immigrant from Tibet and India herself, started Kinstep as a way to give back to the community that she is from.

Tenzin Seldon, our fearless Kinstep founder!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was born and raised in India, but my roots trace to Tibet. I moved to the US as an adolescent. This migration gave me the opportunity to grow close to immigrant stories, and first-hand understand their broad needs. I was fortunate enough to have…

Vinamrata Singal

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