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I’m a big titans fan, but we are no where near good enough to let Marcus be Marcus. Our O-line was not mediocre, it was awful. We don’t have the talent overall to be considered average, but with the picks our GM picked up in future drafts, we’ll play the long game and develop Mariota along with a team that can fully showcase his talents before we truly unleash him. That also means letting him play a full season healthy. If Mularkey can do that, then this season is a success.

You may lament that he is being caged, and you have every right to do so. He will not flourish in the near-term, you are absolutely right. But instead of a really good young QB on a really bad team, I’d rather see a possibility for a really great QB on a much better team, and that will take time. GB Robinson has positioned the Titans in that direction and by then I’m sure Mularkey will not be around. If you can be patient, then you may see something truly special. But then again, it may all go to crap anyhow, so in the end it’s personal preference.

What you want to see is not what a Titan’s fan with a long-term view wants to see. That’s absolutely understandable. Thanks for giving the team coverage and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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