Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Rental Market 2019–2024 | Regional Manufacturers like: United Rentals, Blueline Rentals, Ashtead Group, Herc Holdings, Loxam, Haulotte

Vinayak Shinde
Aug 13 · 3 min read

Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Rental Market report provides a comprehensive landscape of the industry, accurate market estimates and forecast split by product, application, region and end-use. All quantitative information is covered on a regional as well as country basis. The report provides valuable strategic insights on the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Rental industry, analyzing in detail industry impact forces including growth drivers, pitfalls and regulation evolution. The report also includes a detailed outlook on the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Rental Industry competitive environment, diving into the industry position of each major company along with the strategic landscape.

Aerial Work Platform Rental Market is expected to exceed USD 24 billion by 2024. Increasing investments for the construction of infrastructures such as such as manufacturing facilities, airports, power plants, and roadways are expected to drive the AWP rental market during the forecast timeline. The sturdy crisscross structure of the lifts ensures complete safety while lifting people. The range of applications of scissor lifts in various industries including aerospace, mining, oil & gas, automotive, port building, and construction is also anticipated to escalate the demand for scissor lifts in the AWP rental market.

Asia Pacific MEWP rental market is set to witness growth over the forecast timeline. The growth can be credited to the growing number of infrastructure projects, maintenance of high-rise establishments, and inspection activities in the region. In China, the growing requirement for MEWPs has been witnessed in the infrastructure development, particularly in the urban infrastructure. China has been increasing its focus on replacing scaffolding by renting an increasing number of AWPs to offer a safe environment for the workers, further contributing to the sector growth.

Some of the players in the aerial work platform rental market comprise:

· Herc Holdings

· United Rentals

· Loxam

· Ashtead Group

· Blueline Rentals

· Riwal

· Aktio Corporation

· Kilotou

· Haulotte Group

· Nesco Rentals

The increased government investments in infrastructural activities have provided the potential for the increased growth of the AWP rental market. For instance, the U.S. government is focusing on infrastructure development and plans to spend USD 1 trillion to rebuild the country’s roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, and other infrastructure by 2028.

The data AWP Rental Market research is collated via multiple channels including but not limited to primary and secondary sources, databases, business specific references and others. The study aims to offer not only commercial data but also includes analysis of important factors, technical as well as market-oriented insights. Players in the AWP Rental Market including established companies, new entrants and everyone in between this industry chain covering suppliers, experts, manufacturers, service providers, traders, distributors, consumers / clients and others may find value in this research.

The above information is provided on a regional and country basis for the following (changes as per report):

North America:-









Asia Pacific:-







Latin America:-





South Africa



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