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As a designer, I have been worried a lot about the key roles of design in future. We have been trained in traditional design schools with special craftsman ships and the results are special products! The beautiful products that is amazing to look and hold at having in your home, work place, auto mobiles, etc. But this lean to be products; they sell alone and work with you.

If we take a look, designers are ask to do common often go to design schools. Where we spend 5 to 7+ years, where we learn how to draw, and material characterizes, different construction methods and great craftsman skills. And then we are asked to do design vivid systems. Thus that exercise gives us right background to do this? Not always. Because we don’t know pros and cons about the world! How many designers know about technology or about people, even we interact with vivid designs.

Design is a system that bridges between technology and people. So we have to know design, people and technology. Moving towards the future, design should start engaging up the political problems, we are dealing with difficult as well as complicated problems. This is the challenge to get our exercise to the best. Many designers do outstanding work because great designer gets together all these different disciplines. When we’ll know these different disciplines we ask questions. And we often ask dense questions because we need to know obvious answers, but if we ask why that is? Then we’ll able to break it to know why this has been/not been/ shouldn’t be that way or another way of doing it. So, dense question sometimes help you to get there.

So we need to understand history as well as acts of design, technology and people. And start defining problems by having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and also their limitations. As well as creating a meaningful product that they really care about in their life, solving out their right problems, generating the vivid possibilities of a product. Making solutions and testing of a product to a meaningful product.