20 Traffic Driving Sites To Promote After Publishing New Article/Blog Posts

We always focus on writing quality content to drive a constant flow of traffic to our blog or each post. But the fact is, only the quality of content is not sufficient, you need to take efforts to make your post content search engine friendly.

I know, you have written your post, the goes through the checklist of 15 Things To Do BEFORE Publishing A New Blog Post and then you have published your article online on your site.

Promote Your Articles After Publishing To Double Your Traffic

Last time we saw, Quick 5 Things To Do AFTER Publishing A New Blog Post. And it is IMP to know most significant things to do after writing & publishing a new article/post, and that’ll definitely drive more organic traffic to the site; not only quality but relevant, targeted traffic that can be afterward able to generate and attract returning visitors.

And today, we are going to see 20 places to submit your blog posts for more exposure, which will promote your newly published articles or blog & will help to get more readers to your blog posts and ultimately will drive more traffic to your site.

20 Traffic Driving Sites To Promote After Publishing New Article