Top 5 Mobile Operating Systems [Quick Overview]

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Top 5 Mobile Operating System

Almost all users know and much aware of the new mobile phones and their manufacturers plus device specifications but few, I call them as a Geek knows something more about the operating system for mobile devices. Those days are gone when we were using mobile phones only for making calls and sending occasional text messages. Modern technology transformed those phones into smartphones and we can now say that; they are much closer to handheld computers which give you features like listening music, sending emails, watching movies, playing games and much more including face-to-face video calls.

Examples of mobile device operating systems include Apple iOS,Google Android, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS, Nokia’sSymbian, Hewlett-Packard’s webOS (formerly Palm OS) and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. Some, such as Microsoft’s Windows 8, function as both a traditional desktop OS and a mobile operating system.

In simple language, Operating System [OS] is nothing but the software infrastructure build by programming components by which your hardware could work more efficiently.

And Mobile OS is the OS specially designed for mobile devices to run all the Mobile Functions on the compact hardware of that device. It controls all the basic operations that not only allow the user to install and run new extra applications [usually called as apps] but also to add more functionality to the mobile device. Learn more about the different operating systems used in smartphones.

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