17 Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account

Very helpful tips, I personally follow most of them very sincerely to secure Gmail account. Also one must be very concerned when logging in through a public computer, as those PCs has set varieties of keyloggers, it’s better to change passwords more frequently when you are using public computers.

Yeah, I avoid from typing my passwords (use window keyboard + mouse) there as far as feasible. But changing the password often is a good practice. It’s necessary to enable HTTPS, if it is not enabled, it can quickly be tracked by hacking tools. It’s important if you use in public cafes and interconnected networks PCs.

I do my best to have Gmail account secure, and so I would suggest you a quick tip. While using public PC, use incognito mode on your browser or else delete browser settings so as to clear cookies & browser history on closing the browser. This is because most of the times, due to power cut off, you will not get a chance to sign out from your account. Chrome & Firefox when reopened, they have the option of restoring previous session and tabs. The next new user can, hence easily get your details to access your account.

Anyways, thanks for all this information, surely it makes much difference for most of the user’s online activity.

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