General Stuff, Nothing Specific Vol. III: Love, and Heartbreak

Ah, love.

It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?

To fall in love, to feel that bubbly feeling rising up in your chest, like the fizz from the beer that you’d just downed?

Like the world is your own oyster, and nothing could ever go wrong?

Everything around you reminds you of that special someone?

The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the songs you listen to?

But what if something were to go wrong suddenly?

What if, your dreams never reach their logical conclusion, those of a lifetime of togetherness?

You feel a surging pain. A pain unlike any other?

A friend had once told me: “Be careful when you love somebody. You will lose something about you and you won’t remain the same.”

So where does that leave one?

To never love again — nay, no to never feel again?

And what if to overcome that pain, you do everything to can to get over it?

When you start drinking yourself silly, smoking your troubles into fumes, losing yourself in a haze of drugs, all hoping that your neo-Devdas hedonism will find you a solution?

What if you decide to just become promiscuous, to never give an emotional label to something, and just go around hopping like a rabbit, multiplying your liaisons like one, hoping to find salvation in it?

Or, why not just end yourself, for the sudden meaninglessness of existence has now become a cross too heavy to bear?

Why not just stop and ask oneself the hard questions?

Why not, just accept the unfortunate happenstances of love and learn acceptance?

That someone you love will always have a space in your heart, and will always be a part of being?

That one day, and that day might never come, that you will feel numb to it?

And someday, you might just feel yourself feeling that bubbly feeling again?

Why not be brave and grow all the more stronger from it?

And open your eyes to the other forms of love around you?

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