Don’t let your ERP turn into DERP

Everyone knows referrals are the #1 hiring strategy and produce incredible results in a cost, quality, and retention.

Simply starting an ERP (Employee Referral Program) is like putting a bandaid on internal bleeding. Don’t be stuck with a DERP.

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Does this story sound familiar?

When you start tracking your recruiting process in your brand new applicant tracking system (ATS), you realize that the number of hires you get through referrals has steadily declined. You find yourself relying more on expensive outside agencies, hiring just seems to get harder, and more expensive.

Then you have a brilliant idea. What if we just took a fraction of the money we pay to headhunters and give it to employees instead? It’s like crowdsourcing our new hires! Duh.

Your new Employee Referral Program (ERP) is launched with a simple email to all employees announcing a referral bonus for anyone who introduces the management team to the company’s next hire.

You get an uptick in resumes. There’s some buzz going around the office about it. “It’s working!” you think. But soon enough, all you hear is crickets.

Your ERP is Dead. It is now DERP.

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