Ochre Media Pvt Ltd- Fraud Company

Is there any association online where we can complain about companies fraud. In this 21st century digital age, many online companies came up apart from financial fraud this company gives very poor service or no service at all.

We faced this with the company called Ochre Media Pvt Ltd. Ochre media showed they healthcare and Pharma magazine got over 70k circulation and region wise breakdown but in reality magazine circulation was not more than 1k.

Even with email marketing campaign, same problem Ochre media email marketing campaign promised to deliver 10k emails (all are opt-in) ochre media didn’t deliver even 1k emails but generated reported stating 10k email delivered- click and open report as well. We placed our own code as well to monitor.

The sad part is we paid full payment before Ochre media run an email campaign.

Ochre media call themselves as number one company in digital marketing b2b portals

Ochre media beg for a business like beggars on a street but never provide service to clients. Without understanding clients business Ochre media write content about products which creates confusion among.

It is better to avoid called from Ochre media and Ochre media Portals.

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