Vinaya Puppala, MD — An Inspiration One Should Follow

We always look up to the doctors who give us a second chance to live our life on our own terms. Individuals depend on doctors for guiding them through the worst time of their lives. This is the reason why this profession is highly respected. Vinaya Puppala is one such doctor from Villa Rica, Georgia who has given his patients many reasons to depend on him.

Dr. Vinaya Puppala, MD is a Pain Medicine Specialist and has helped many patients understand the nature of pain for defeating pain forever. Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Vinaya Puppala does not depend on the orthodox methods and believes in finding new treatment methods for better results. He has been associated with many researches for the same.

“I wish I knew more about the field. This craving has always forced me to work more. Instead of leaving things on fate, I decide one for myself. And, I want to empower individuals to do the same with their lives. Pain should not restrict one from living the life to the fullest.”

There is a lot one can learn from what Dr. VK Puppala has to offer. Apart from being one of the best physicians in the city, Dr. Puppala is also an amazing human being.

He understands the agony and frustration one goes through while sulking in pain. He is not like other professionals who regard every patient as a case and ignore their individual needs.

Vinaya Puppala, MD’s Reviews

Dr. Puppala feels that a doctor can only treat his patients if he can feel the same problem all the time. He is on his toes to make his patients feel comfortable. No one has ever asked Dr. Puppala to be so much involved with his profession. However, he chose to be this way.

“Patients trust me, and I feel responsible for giving meaning to their trust. Leaving someone is pain do not let me have a good night sleep. I can only rest if I am assured that the person leaving my clinic would be relaxing at home instead of cribbing about the pain.”

It is very much lucid that Dr. Puppala is exceptional from the ways he explains about his feelings. Dr. Vinaya Puppala, MD is 32 years old and his wisdom makes him seem much older. He has gained profound knowledge from hardship and still feels a need to learn more.

Dr. Puppala has been awarded for accomplishing many big researches and is a member of various medical associations. Because of his unmatched knowledge capable in advancing the field of medical science, he has been appointed as the board of directors for many medical associations.

The medical society understands his contribution to the field of medical science and has recognized it by awarding him at many instances. He is a great speaker too and knows how to impart knowledge to others. This is the reason he serves as the Assistant Professor for Anaesthesiology at Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Puppala has gained huge popularity because of his many initiatives that he took to further the field of pain medicine. While he was still studying, he got associated with experienced researchers to embark his journey as a Pain Medicine Specialist.

With the help of a student grant from the National Institute of Health, he was invited to conduct nerve related research. The research was completed under the supervision of Dr. Susan MacKinnon, Chief of Plastic Surgery. During his research, he performed microscopic neurosurgery. He was only 19.

When there is a lot more to achieve, Dr. Puppala only focuses on benefitting the patients suffering from pain. His all the researches are directed towards finding the best strategies for fighting pain. He wants to minimize the usage of pain medicine for treating pain.

For this, Dr. Puppala has found his own multi model approach to help people fight pain. He works hard to make everything possible. Hence, Dr. Puppala has been able to achieve so much when it comes to providing the best treatment to his patients.

“I seek to become a responsible person. I believe that taking responsibilities makes things easier. Every person, either a doctor or not, should instill in himself the attitude for taking responsibilities.
Accomplishing duties gets you the reward automatically. For example, if a patient starts taking responsibility for a better health, he would stop ignoring the tips provided by his doctor. Won’t that make it easier for both doctor and patient to fight the problem?”

Dr. Puppala is compassionate for helping his patients and tries to underline the importance of taking responsibilities. He goes way beyond his professional obligations to help his patients feeling responsible for easing the condition of his patients. And, wants the same response from the patient for faster and better results.

Dr. Vinaya Puppala Inspires Everyone

Its not just his patients whom Dr. Puppala helps, but he is associated with many social reforms for finding better shelter for animals as well. Dr. Puppala is a philanthropist and a humanitarian. He prefers helping as much as he can. And, sometimes, even more than what he could offer.

His life is an open book. People consult him for pain and learn to lead their life in a better direction. Dr. V K Puppala knows more about life than most of the experienced doctors have not even discovered yet.

Dr. V K Puppala is empathetic. He understands the pain and patient’s conditions. Being polite, patients feel comfortable discussing their problems with him. And, this helps him treat them better. After knowing about his life, one would always find reason to appreciate him for what he has gained so far.

Dr. Puppala has inspired many individuals, either it’s his students in the college or the teachers while he was a student himself or his co-workers and associate. Everyone has learned one thing or the other from his life.

Even Dr. Puppala never fails to inspire his patients for working out to find relief not only from physical pain but to realize mental stability as well.

The Verdict

Dr. Vinaya Puppala works because he understands his responsibilities he owns. As a doctor, he cares for his patient’s wellness. And helping them recover pain and find pain-free life is what he craves for. This keeps him motivated for doing whatever he can.