Is BotMap in your Roadmap yet?

In my earlier blog post “Where is your BotMap?”, I had shared that Decipher & Build defines BotMap as a people engagement roadmap using ChatBots to build a bond with real people… your customers, partners and employees and why ChatBots are the solution for engaging with your employees and customers because Bots personalize the user experience, conduct meaningful conversations, deliver relevant offers, and make daily tasks simpler and faster.

In this post, I want to share few of the compelling use cases that lend themselves to engaging users on ChatBots, which should help you brainstorm with your internal teams and figure out if you need to include a BotMap in your Product Roadmap.

Banking with Bots

  • Flag fraudulent transactions
  • Cross sell additional services
  • Get transaction details
  • Inform about lost credit card

Sales with Bots

  • Schedule meetings / appointments
  • Make & optimize travel plans
  • Track expenses
  • Avoid missed opportunities

HR with Bots

  • Employee onboarding
  • Get answers to questions typically found in some HR portal
  • Reach all employees in an instant
  • Expedite internal workflow

Customer Service with Bots

  • Real-time status updates
  • Easy service upgrades
  • Send out alerts
  • Personalize the service

Insurance with Bots

  • Quick quotes with relevant recommendations
  • Provide 24/7 fast help
  • Add coverage instantly
  • Start dialogue on new ways to save

Similarly, there are very interesting use cases in Shopping, Supply Chain, Patient Care, Hospitality, Health Insurance, IT Service and others. The key thing is to identify key transactions in a workflow that can be accomplished very easily by using ChatBots. We call them “Point Solutions”, which reduce pain and angst felt by the end-user trying to accomplish these tasks over the phone or thru an app or via a web portal. If programmed and trained right the Bot should be able to execute such tasks most efficiently with a delighted user :)


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