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I have been passionate about stock markets ever since I was a kid.

As a kid, I was always curious to see stock prices move positive or negative and ponder why /how!! What makes it tick!! and more importantly, know if it is just a scam or one can really make money from stock markets.

2017 was the year when I really got serious about stock market investing.

Since then I have read quite a lot of books, watched countless videos, podcasts, courses. I fell into a few traps of stock tips schemes/scams. …

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The book is all about:

What makes people succeed? Why do some people succeed, while others struggle despite working hard?

My Key Takeaways:

  • Success is not about how good you are; it is about how powerful and effective a model you have to improve how good you are. — GBM (Get Better Model)
  • Four Areas to focus on:
  1. People skills/relationships/leadership/personal value system
  2. Analytical skills/comfort with numbers/logical reasoning/rigor
  3. Conceptualization and intuitive skills/creativity/insightfulness
  4. Organized/disciplined/planned/efficient
  • Get Better Model (GBM)has four key components:
  1. Getting better by yourself
  2. Getting better by leveraging others
  3. Make others get better
  4. Making and implementing a get-better plan
  • Pilot’s View — Think that you are driving a bus, but while driving the bus, you must also be able to have a pilot’s view from above you to become a better bus driver. …

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Busy and Boring!

We are living in a very busy world, where people are on the move and tend to often use mobile apps on the go.

Let’s say a salesperson has finished a business deal and wants to raise an invoice, he/she would use the mobile app to onboard basic info of customer and call back office to create an invoice for the customer.

Filling forms is just so boring!

There’s a high chance that the salesperson would have made few typos, maybe a few incorrect values and in fact might have missed a few important fields!

Nobody wants to do this on purpose, but the fact is that distractions around you will grab your attention whether you like it or not… It just…

You’ve worked hard for it, now make it work for you.

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For quite some time I have been struggling to keep up with my cash flow with ever-changing life (expenses, savings, investments, EMIs, etc…)

Then, I stumbled upon this book “Let’s talk money” by Monika Halan. It has definitely made me realize how under-prepared we are in life. I would recommend everyone to read this book. It is a very simple short read, yet has many thought-provoking questions and ideas!

For those who are busy and cannot read the book, this blog is just a sneak peek of the book and my key takeaways.


One should always start from the very root and then build a system using this as a lifeline. …

Jealous of your friend getting awards in your team? Read this!

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Well, this article is going to be very opinionated, my personal point of view.
Just remember — opinions evolve/change over time!
This is mine at this point in time!

My First Award

I remember getting my first award at my workplace, after that, I was extremely excited to go to the office every single day.

Big smile on my face, sense of achievement, FULL JOSH ON! :D

As they say,

inspiration is perishable!

After a month or so, the excitement was gone, work-life became normal.
Not that it is bad or something, just that it is the reality.

Awards are not everything in work-life!

I still remember the times when I got 5 awards in 2 years span.

Stop cribbing of not owning a fancy car or a luxury apartment.

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Essentials Of A Common Man

Let’s list down 5 essential things which we can’t live without in today’s world:

  • Smartphone
  • Internet
  • Car / Bike
  • Heater / Air Conditioner / Simple Fan
  • TV

The lifestyle of a King

If you go back let's say 1000 years ago or so, A king didn’t have ANY of those!

So, it means you are living a better lifestyle than a king ever did!

Learn to have gratitude for what you have. As the famous saying goes,

I cried because I have no shoes until I saw a man with no feet. — unknown

We just fail to realize how far we’ve come as humanity, the progress science and technology has made in the last century is just mindblowing! …

‘Work-Life Balance’ will be on auto-pilot mode

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The unfortunate negative aspect of technology advancement for the so-called ‘Better World’, is that PEOPLE ARE LOSING JOBS!

This is not a new thing since ages the story is pretty much the same:

  • Industrial Revolution
  • IT Revolution
  • Internet Revolution
  • Mobile Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution (NEW)

All these revolutions have brought in efficiency and scale, created millions of ‘new’ jobs for skilled people.

Many people forget that jobs were lost too during the transition.

Machines replaced humans. Simple.

What’s the trend right now?

Almost all tech companies have one thing in common:


All the sci-fi dreamy sequences are now becoming a reality! …

Simple, yet most misunderstood concept in Corporate World!

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When I started penning down this article, somehow I felt that this could be a bit controversial, but I decided to write it anyways. These are just my personal point of views.

Wrong Perception in Today’s World

Take a moment, close your eyes and Just think of your “Architect”, “Product Owner”, “People Manager”, Vice President”, “Senior Vice President”, “CEO” etc.?

Q: What are some thoughts that come to your mind?

A: “Boss”, “Powerful”, “Experts”, “Seniors”, “God-Like” ;)

Even If you decide to skip the rest of the article, just remember one fact:

End-of-the-day every single person is just another employee serving the company!

Many a time in this corporate world, people get carried away with their designations and let it affect their behavior. (In fact, Steve Jobs himself had this very same problem!! Hence, you can say it is a pretty ‘common’ problem!! …

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Bigger salary is not enough to make you rich!

The Reality

More than 95% of the people in this world have a 9–5 job. They get their paychecks by the end of the month, spend almost everything and maybe save a little for the rainy day!

This goes on and on for many years to come.

Most people belong to one of three categories:

  • Just stay at the same company, happy with whatever they get.
  • Work harder every day and get a good hike once a year.
  • Change companies often to get a bigger salary hike.

The Illusion

By chasing salary hikes, Most people think they are “racing to the richness”, instead, they are in a “rat-race” which is never ending! …

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Managing time is one of the most difficult aspects of work-life.

I will not spend much time blabbering about this problem, I hope you know how difficult it is in this ever-distracting world we live in to focus on what’s important in work life.

Between meetings and breaks, before you realize, the day is already over!

All of us have the same 24 hours, we can’t make the sun stay a little longer! 😜 We can’t literally “make time" extra just for you by saying some magic mantra (sorry if I disappointed you 😉).

But, what we can do is reflect how your time is being spent and find ways to use it efficiently. …


Vinay C

Vinay is a Software Architect at SAP Labs India. He is an avid reader, blogger, speaker, machine learning enthu and a big fan of stock markets 😉.

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