Uh. What values?
David Sabine

  1. That is absolutely *not* what open source means. Nuance is completely left out in that definition. Open source software is free to view, but the license it is released under determines very real legal boundaries of how it may be used and distributed. It is open for study, but, in many cases (h264 encoding comes to mind), comes with strings attached when linked to or used in production, especially when the software is shipped to a client.
  2. Although he unpublished his packages from NPM, he did not remove the code from GitHub. The code is still somewhere online to be freely seen. And even if he wanted to take that code down from his own account, it is his right. Depending on the license, it is the right of others to fork that repository and keep the code up under their own repositories if they deem it is important enough to do so in the protection of their own interests.