Work culture for International Students in New Zealand

New Zealand recently has become a popular hub for International education. It has a low population density and is the second most peaceful nation in the world according to the Global Peace Index.

With a point based immigration system, settlement there depends on how well you score based on your key profile details like age, language proficiency, education, experience, skills. When it comes to financial stability, you can work as a student for usually up to 20 hours a week during term time, and full time over the holidays on a study visa. This blog discusses the detailed information on the work culture in New Zealand for international students.

Who can work on a student visa?

The Information on when and for how long you can work on your student visa is given by your visa. The part time estimate to work is for 20 hours per week as long as you are a full-time student in any university/college.

  1. Your visa should be of at least 2 years in duration, or

2. If you are on a student exchange scheme, then 1 full academic year.

3. You can also get extra points towards an application for a Skilled Migration visa if you have studied in New Zealand

4. If your program is funded by a New Zealand Aid Program Scholarship and you’re studying under:

a. New Zealand Development Scholarship

b. Commonwealth Scholarship

c. New Zealand Pacific Scholarship, or

d. New Zealand Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Scholars Award.

How many hours you can work?

Most of the New Zealand student visas allow you to work 20 hours/week during the semester and you can also work full time during the holidays. Detailed explanation will be mentioned in your visa. Students pursuing their masters and PhD scholars can work as many hours as they like. If your course demands internship or certain training, that won’t be included in your part time hours.

What you can’t do while you are working on student visa?

International students don’t have the privilege to be self-employed. You must work for an employer and have a proper employment agreement.

What about post-study work visas?

You can apply for a post-study work visa after you’ve finished studying to stay and work in New Zealand.

  1. For this procedure you will get a time of 12 months to search for a job related to your field. While you look for that job, you can work in any job in New Zealand.

2. If you find a job that’s related to your studies, you can then apply for the post-study work visa. This lets you work in New Zealand for 2 more years, or 3 years if you need relevant work experience to get professional registration.