Vinay Rama — How Music Therapy Can Help Mental Illness

Vinay Rama uses music therapy for many different types of illnesses and health problems. He treats people of all ages and often uses music to help treat mental illness. Mental illness comes in many different forms and with the right therapy it can be treated and managed.

Vinay Rama

Improve Moods

Music is a great way to improve a person’s mood. When someone is suffering from a mental illness, they can find themselves in bad moods or lack the ability to change their mood on their own. Music can help improve a mentally ill person’s mood quickly and help change the way they are acting or functioning.

Avoid Behaviors

Some people who suffer from mental illness act out or have behaviors. Music can calm a person and help stop their behaviors. Many behaviors come from stress and frustration and because music has the ability to reduce these feelings, it can lead to fewer behavior problems.

Boost Communication

Many people who suffer from mental illness are unable to communicate properly. When music therapy is used, these people have a chance to communicate in a different way and may be more willing to communicate or may be able to do so better with music.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness and you are looking for a unique treatment, consider music therapy. Vinay Rama used music therapy to treat mental illness and finds that it is very effective.