Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO is a group of techniques that drives traffic to your site and raises your Page Rank (PR). The objective of off-page SEO is to complement your on-page SEO attempts with Google Juice.

Off-page SEO Techniques (by my Google Juice Scale)

Blogging (GJS = 10)

Blogging is the best method to bring visitors to your site and to create brand recognition. Not all websites are created equal and you might need to spend a little time to be sure that your content is of quality. Quality brings readers back. “Write it and they will read!” Having a blog is great since you might get your ideas “out there” and the same time, make a name for your brand! The best friend, besides readers of a site, is Social Media.

Social Networking (GJS = 10)

Some of the very popular are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, MySpace (only kidding), you could also search for non-well known, like CafeMom. There is a flavour for everybody and there is a target for every single brand. Any page that has some kind of networking skills is a page that could raise your brand awareness and potentially increase your PR.

Website and Forum Marketing (GJS=8)

Reading other sites of interest and participating in newsgroups is a great practice. Locate something aligned with your industry and start reading and commenting. Bloggers find it encouraging when there are other experts in the industry dropping a note on their posts. So how is it that you can take advantage of this? On every blog and newsgroup where you can enrol, you get a profile. Typically, this profile will have a place to add a website. In newsgroups, you may add other branding and a website to your forum signature. Possibly, every answer and every comment can develop into a link!

Directory Entry (GJS=4)

Online directories have existed since the access to the Web. They’re a little passe (as my wife would say), nonetheless, I find they still have real value. To maximise the effectiveness of your listing and your exposure, try a niche directory related to your industry.

Picture Sharing (GJS=6)

Photo sharing can be a fun way to create brand awareness. You know what I mean if you are in design or another visually demanding industry. Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Pitch-a-Pic, Snap-a-Shot, etc. are great websites to share your pictures and get links going. Don’t check the last two; I made those up.

Article Submission (GJS=3)

Blogging is among the best ways to create off page SEO, as mentioned earlier, but it does take the time to create a following. Imagine you need to get some traction right away. Happily, there are some fine websites out there which already have a nice PR score, (some 6 and upwards) that allow you to submit your own editorial content. Ezine is a website that’ll give you a good beginning, and you might want to stick with it as a long-term off-page SEO technique. These techniques certainly will yield outcomes that are favourable, although some quicker than others and are going to keep you occupied for a little while. Keep in mind an effective off-page SEO strategy includes a blend of techniques.

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