What I do different when working with start-ups?

I am a technology consultant and help business ideas go online. Start-ups need a different approach to convert their ideas into success stories. When working with start-ups, few things I do different are:

  1. Take complete responsibility of the technology side of things. This helps the product owner focus on their idea; do what they know best.
  2. Focus on getting a “proof of concept” out early so that they can test their idea with a real audience. It is important to do this without too much upfront investment in technology.
  3. Provide elasticity with team size. You’re not being of much help to a start-up by proposing: “Here’s our team of one analyst and our top 5 developers who will solve your problem”. Their problem is not one which you can solve by just throwing a bunch of developers at. I have a network of trusted part-timers who can chip-in and play their part when needed. This saves the product owner the hassle of managing people or teams, and helps them focus on their idea.
  4. Provide elasticity with technology spending. Everyone knows about ‘the cloud’ and benefits of the cloud. It helps to be fluent with cloud technologies and platforms. Building for deployment on cloud platforms ties back to point #2: get started without too much upfront investment.

Take a look at my website: vinayvinay.com, for more details about me.

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