Fair point, Vinnie.
DJ Waldow

Hey again, DJ. I’m confused by something pretty fundamental: what gives you the idea that the efforts have stopped, or that we’re STILL not doing all we can? From what you wrote, it seems that you’re bristling over Trump giving himself an A+ more than anything (when he was asked, by the way). And again, you have offered zero evidence that he doesn’t deserve an A+. That’s where you need some type of metric to point to. What are you measuring, and where has he fallen short? It’s not enough to simply say that people are still suffering. You need to show that that suffering would not be taking place if you and Obama and Mother Theresa were in charge because you would have done A, B, and C.

I still think you’re under the impression that the magnitude of the hurricanes were not as bad as they were and that the infrastructure was not as poor as it was. I think that here in America we are accustomed to things being fixed in a few days or weeks, no matter what. That is often the case because we rarely have pretty strict building codes. But even with that great benefit, from time to time Mother Nature reminds us how futile they can be against her.

It really seems to me, DJ, that you have decided that the response has been poor because it reflects on Trump. Without the metrics I mentioned, I don’t don’t see how it’s anything else.

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