Amsterdam, 8–10–2016

A letter,

to girls and boys on Medium,

Crippled by a headache I write from my migraine ‘death’bed.

A wonderful set of people, inspiring writers, thinkers, word collectors, twisters, brothers and sisters.

It’s Sunday now ain’t it?

And hell I ain’t gonna preach.

Just wanna thank you all for being there, for reading me, for filing on me, even if un deliberate, for sawing into my heart.

Straight or bent, with wink and smiles.

I’m not the man who mentions names, those writers and writing friends will know, even though this short letter leaves only space for single special words.

So, up next, whoever wants to kick my butt into a new chapter of writing, feel free to do so, even when it’s building criticism.

In the darkness, I now fall back only lit by single lamp. In which the dark is better medicine than any pill.

And this letter fun to write.

Hug Vince

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