There are no GE tomatoes.
Stephan Neidenbach

Dear mr. Neidenbach,

Fry the tomato with the red herring, as far as I’m concerned it could become ‘panharing’ which is also delicious and GMO free as far as I know.

So, if you would have read me well, you could have determined I only attribute the use of herbicides directly to GMO, to the other concerns I have GMOs are a contributor. And what I say is that GMOs don’t provide solutions on the macro scale of eutrophication, aridification, the lowering of water tables, the washing of herbicides into our aquifers, soil erosion and so on. GMOs only provide solutions on micro scale.

You say you don’t see evidence of aridification on farms in the US, well it isn’t GMO related in that particular sense, but to industrialized monoculture, you may well know the US is an outright example of all the issues I mention and especially aridification, in which monoculture in itself has been a primal cause.

Aridification has become a worldwide problem, which consumes large portions of our once fertile agricultural farmlands. Even in the Netherlands, what may be considered a rather wet nation, the drying of our soils is a problem. And once again to understate, I do not attribute this directly to GMOs. I say industrialized agriculture, where GMOs belong to, has no answers to these important issues. Contrarily they add to it.



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