last week, this morning #20
Tamyka Bell

Dear Tamyka,

Having seen the competition‘s list, which I like, but is in fact not much more than a listing. And lists, well they can be great, but some humour added, or is it humor? can most certainly not harm the piece.

In that respect, you’re way ahead on your competition, and to add, I think you have to agree it is a nice initiative from colleagues instead of competitors.

Unfortunately, or is it fortunately, much less outspoken than ‘last week’s, this morning’ from miss Bell.

This said not only because you mentioned the subscriber, but more so for the reason that your weekly has become a source for finding writers, who pass on my own eyes on this ever growing platform.

That fact alone, is more than enough to write you these words.

The smackers you already shared with Rachel, for which I thank you dearly.

Your effort is very much appreciated, and I think I speak for more than only me, if I say so.

Greetings in writing from Amsterdam,


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