So, Vince… I’m adding up the tabs…
Vito Pasquale

Dear Vito,

The falling tab fell offscreen, I know the stories about falling dreams, I know stories about falling. Have I been falling? Yes, I have, fortunately all low altitude drops. Falling from higher up ain’t that healthy. I recall an almost on a sheeted roof above machinery, the sheet broke from under the slate ladder, and only just before I went, I could push my arm between the top beams. The look down wasn’t pretty, until a ladder came up. I certainly dreamed about that one.

In general I don’t dream that much about falling, I have what I call a healthy fear of heights, that is to say, my first contact with a roof is one of caution. A bituminous or EPDM layer (as in the photo) covers up possible hazardous spots and is therefore always to be considered dangerous until proven solid.

Safety regulations more often demand fall lines, or breaker lines, I prefer climb gear, the harnesses, the hooks, the karabiners, climbtool, grigri and rope are more durable, more user friendly, and just more safe. However do I not climb for fun, which I consider still a crossing of a threshold I cannot allow myself because it involves a shift in risk taking wherewith the mentioned caution decreases.

Indeed the views from rooftops are ones not many of us see, that is a true plumbers or roofers privilige, it is also a vista that reminds these eyes how big this world indeed is. From above the accomplishments of man seem much smaller than from ground level. I’ll search my archive for some other nice rooftops. Can’t promise however those photos will be of a same quality as the one from Jan.