Marlene: a Tragedy

Dear Zev,

How beautiful do you unfold this tragic story.

So dear and in fullest respect, even to the deed which cannot be undone, which may still feel and for all the days you’ll live, a blow inside your heart.

It is for people like Marlene, faced with irreversible effects of disease, we all should ask ourselves what is more important, the written laws of imposed belief, or the believing tenderness would provide ways for family and friends, neighbors and others, to gather round Marlene and offer her a goodbye beyond the single tears of solitude, a goodbye in which hands maybe held until the second of the passing; instead of a singled finger in spasm pulling the trigger.

We should really ask ourselves what is more human.

I realize I’m in the fortunate position of living in a nation where awareness already led to new laws and rulings, hence providing the last rite in tenderness of friendship, love, support and understanding for many people with irreversible diseases, and so providing memories which may step away from the pain of loss, into acceptance and beauty of gatherings passed in harmony of souled humanity.

To those who oppose what is called euthanasia, let these words of Zev. land in your heart, and feel what you would have felt important to share with a woman like Marlene, maybe you know someone yourself, in a same impossible position, would you stick to your strict beliefs, or would you become tender and forgiving?

Thanks for sharing.



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