Evening revised

a free verse

Sharp shades

on the western window

announce the day’s

end into evening.

Now’s when the shade

elongates into eastern direction,

when the Sun starts to set

towards the Evening Land.

Here the spirits rise

from their anonymous graves,

to dance on the sands

the circled motion,

of tides and day in night

at night to day;

days in nightfall,

night into daybreak.

I observe fireflies,

snow white moths,

a stubborn fly dancing the window;

butterflies tired of dancing the glass.

All upon evening

of life and death,

determined by one

singled out breath.

In even in-tricate

force of nature.


evener of all weight;

measured in coin

or stone.

Thrown in the pond,

the rippler.

For yet another

odd revise

this very evening.



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