Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Exqueeze me dear Oliver, ‘eigenlicht’ in Deutsch and Dutch, may be allowed as a contraction, but is in fact a non existing word. In Deutsch würde ‘Eigenleucht’ dann fast tatsächlich sein, sondern auch dies existiert nicht. In zowel Duits als Nederlands is dat wat het dichtst bij ligt ‘eigenlijk’ of ‘eigentlich’ daß letzte allein eigentlich Deutsch. In English ‘eigenlijk’ is literally translated into actually, which is an actual demise of the word ‘eigenlijk’ oder ‘eigentlich’.

However I must say, I like the way you played that ‘eigenlicht’, and as contractions in both Dutch and Deutsch are very common, I’m more than willing to accept ‘m both, into the respective vocabularies.

With a smile,


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