The state of the empire,

the demise of democracy

Once there was a gathering of States which called themselves the greatest nation on the Globe, some of ‘m even said it was they, who were the finest example of democracy around. They judged the World as if it was their prerogative, their god given right. They laughed about leaders from other nations, other peoples of whom was said, they weren’t able to uphold a modern state, a society wherein people are regarded equal, tried by laws that aren’t discriminate nor prejudiced. Where people have access to clean water, where health care is available to anyone who is in need. Where transportation systems are cared for and maintained, those are the backbone of a society, aren’t they?

Let me tell you something about the crumbling empire, no nation in this World has such a biased justice system, where minorities are statistically overpopulating prisons in comparison to the still dominant populous. Not that the crime rate differs, no, certain groups and parts of the population have just better access to even better lawyers.

The water issue, is something else, in fact anybody has had the right to dig a well on her or his property, only in rural areas such regulations are rule. Where companies who are in only for the profit, sell their goods, here water, a necessity of life, as monopolists, those companies are also responsible for the water quality, like a butcher’s approval of his own meat. Structurally these companies fail to deliver concerning their own water standards, in fact the average level of drinking water quality has dropped dramatically since the late ‘80s. Part of that occurrence has in large to do with a persistent attitude towards environmental issues, and certainly pollution. Despite the spirit of its people, being able to bring forth books like ‘Silent Spring’, corporatism, with its stubbornness to just keep on polluting, because there is no cost factor installed; hence its blindness to watch for environmental solutions that even may improve production efficiency and even mineral efficiency, corporatism is still the main producer of increasingly drastic pollution concerning aquifers and water tables.

On transportation I can be brief, the once mighty freeway system is deteriorating quickly, on the one hand through years and years of mismanagement, and structural lack of maintenance; on the other, because the focus in mobility has been laid for decades and decades only on roads, a once giant network of railway links has simply disappeared. Now only a mere ghost remains of this once impressive system; for which the blame can only be laid partly at the doorstep of the air industry. The deficiency of will to invest into connecting by steel road, has even led to a reduction in goods by rail, which in return increased the spacial pressure on roadways, as on their maintenance needs.

Even in the air industry there’s fundamental complaints on the lack of vision and innovation from higher up. Where once an urge for creating newly produced, new tech and solutions on a constructive scale, now the market places have dried up, businesses have been taken elsewhere, manufacturing as a result at a low still. The degradation of jobs and work in general, the focus and the worshipping of the clientele on only the lowest pricing competitor, has all led to a slow dismantling of these essential building blocks of a society.

A civilization that seems at least to have lost all connections with its once laid sturdy foundation.

When finally the first baby-steps towards a more just and collective healthcare system had been set, the initiative is being beheaded before it ever may show its benefits. Now the vultures may come back again and weigh the wallets for what peoples in need consider important to their health. Again the stories about cases that cannot be insured will surface, because in the core healthcare is contradictory with a profit system, healthcare is system of service, service to fellow human beings, when their needs are highest. And when a society isn’t willing to step up for its next door neighbors, the question should be asked if indeed there is still a society at large? For if what remains is but a gathering of individuals on the balance of have or have not, well such isn’t a society in my humble eyes, it is the portrayal of loose sands, with an utter lack of inter-human connection.

These deteriorations did not occur just yesterday, they are and have been structural for decades, and they deteriorate what is left of society on a rapid scale. Only now we see a so called waking up, a so called awakening, a call for sharing.

Now that the electoral system once more has shown its fallacies, with or without help from outside, the very electoral system of the gathering of States has been a joke for decades, if not for at least a century. Where in other fields in this so called nation traditions are as easily discarded as one day old bread, the electoral system is a fossil first, and is being kept as a tradition, as a so called icon of democracy. Now the tradition finally showed its teeth, no system can guarantee nor warrant the being spared from individuals to take the highest seat available on false information, on false assumptions, on false attitudes. Indeed the system too is a pterodactyl in that respect, ready to eat whatever is served. As is the very individual now running office.

The sharing is often said, it will bring solutions, well my question is, will it indeed? When sharing is being talked upon, it is often done from out a luxurious position, in that respect it much too close to share, a word in itself also responsible for this crises we have gone through, and where we’re in.

What is at stake is more important, it has been for long, and long forgotten, what is at stake, is that you and I, whatever your preference, heritage, your paint at birth, your beliefs, your issues to take a stand for; what is at stake, is that it will be used in unimaginable ways to divide the you and me into we and they. The we and they that are needed to grow the roots of conflict on. Turmoil in the making, false flags as never seen before, all but with one goal, to divide and rule. And pardon me, that’s done on both sides of the spectrum, one as dubious as the other. But do not let the false prophets take your heart, feel to what is good and what is worth to take a stand for, develop your arguments, stop the copy paste. For copy paste brings uniformity, and uniformity is just a step away from what the stirrers in the soup want us to become.



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