“Slumdog Millionaire”…one of my favorite movies…some of my favorite scenes

I don’t think there is a movie that touches me and brings me closer to crying more than this. It’s not just the many beautiful scenes that I’m capturing here below. It’s also the amazing music. The most touching is the following that really well depicts with sounds the love Jamal feels for Latika.

Btw I’ve added the link to the album on Spotify below if you got it too.

play it while reading it’s so soothing anyways ❤

Big brothers gotta always be there for their younger ones
  • Having a younger brother I love the part when the older brother Salim saves his younger brother Jamal from becoming blind due to the hand of some evil Indian criminals. It’s a feeling that any older brother has and it’s awesome to see it in action.

Hustle from ZERO to ONE
  • I love when the two brothers start working and hustling together to make money. It’s one of the best feelings in life to work well together with your brother and make money.

To give is the greatest gift

I love to see the generosity of people that make it by earning their money. It’s amazing how they tend to be people that give back more than spoiled rich brats. Brats know better how to keep money in their pockets but don’t know how to give it or even invest it often times.

I need to watch the movie again but I know it’s poop and a famous star giving an autograph ;)
  • I only saw part of the movie tonight but I remember this scene was really cool and funny.
  • I gotta watch it once again. ;)

  • I even love the way Salim ends his life. He realizes how great his brother is as well as all the mistakes he did so he decides that the right thing to do is to end his life while killing the bad boss and sending Latika to his brother.

Don’t trust old rich bastards in general they are so fucking envious
  • I love how well the movie depicts rich, envious, powerful bastards (especially in countries with more clearly marked social classes like Italy and India) that don’t ever like to see someone moving up the ladder. No matter how much they deserve it.
It’s crazy how many kids still today must risk their lives to eat
  • it reminds of the scene in which a fat rich Indian reports the brothers to their father for stealing a piece of bread from the train.

  • I lived in developing countries like Mexico and China, and to be honest when I see images like this one of just incredible growth I really want to get back to any BRICS country. Like right now

Love makes scars so pretty
  • I love the way Jameel loves Latika, with all his loyalty and intensity.
  • He doesn’t care at all that her face got scarred indeed that’s the first thing that he goes and kiss

Now I really want to go to India!!!

but listening to more active songs like

:) I really hope that these kids were from really humble beginnings though I doubt :D haha whatever I still like to think that!