Connect the Dots. See the Big Picture

Day 139

Today is April 16, 2016.

The Presidential Election of 2044 is on November 8

(10,433 days from now)

Connect the Dots. See the Big Picture.

Find meaning in the work that seems meaningless.

As the school year winds down, so does my busy travel season. Now that I will be OFF of the road, I will have time to get ON the road as an Uber Driver — one of my side-hustles.

When discussing my second job with my friend, Ryan, he was able to connect the dots between my side hustle and my 28 year-long goal. He said, “Man, this is an incredible opportunity for you to meet with locals and tourists to learn about what is affecting your community.” He then gave me a sample of what a future campaign speech for a local political seat might sound like.

Ryan making that connection was really helpful. Although one task or job may seem unrelated or unimportant, it can always be connected to the big picture. Before my conversation with Ryan, Uber driving was just a side-hustle of mine and the only purpose was to make extra cash. Now, each Uber ride will serve as a mini town hall meeting where intentional conversation will serve my greater goal and purpose.

How can you find meaning in each of your tasks, roles and responsibilities? How can you connect all of your actions to your bigger picture?

I look forward meeting the next passenger and learning how I can help them (outside of providing a 5 star Uber ride).

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