Day 7. December 6, 2015

(This post is from Day 7. December 6, 2015)

The Presidential Election of 2044 is on November 8

(10,565 days from now)

It’s Sunday. I did a little work today. I made it to the gym, messaged The Common Trust regarding our upcoming conference call and watched some football. While I could find some lessons from my day, Sundays will be reserved for sharing lessons from others. The inspiration can be from an article, a quote, a lecture, a video or anything that delivers a valuable lesson. This Sunday’s lesson comes from a Ted talk. David Blaine, magician and performer, delivers a talk at TEDMED titled “How I held my breath for 17 min.”

Watch it here.

David Blaine’s magic ranges from card tricks on the street for a few onlookers to massive stunts in the middle of Times Square televised in primetime. As the title of this talk suggests, David Blaine discusses how he held his breath for 17 minutes. In the talk (at 1:45) he says, “My next pursuit was I wanted to see how long I could go without breathing… how long I could survive with nothing, not even air.” What follows next is nothing short of a man obsessed with a goal. From waking up every morning and holding his breath for 44 out of 52 minutes (7:23), losing 50 pounds in 3 months (8:25), failing to break the world record at Lincoln Center live on television (9:30), and eventually breaking the Pure 02 Static Apnea record on Oprah Winfrey’s show (14:20), this 20 minute talk is filled with drive, obsession and hard work. My absolute favorite part of the video comes in the last 30 seconds. The famously monotone Blaine (and if you made it to the last 30 seconds, you see just how monotone) gets emotional. The man that was buried alive for a week, frozen in a block of ice for 3 days and 3 nights and lived in a box for 44 days with nothing but water breaks down when talking about his craft.

“As a magician, I try to show things to people that seem impossible, and I think magic, whether I’m holding my breath or shuffling a deck of cards, is pretty simple. It’s practice, it’s training and experimenting, while pushing through the pain to the the best I can be. And… that’s what magic is to me.”

I love this TED talk. I knew it would be the first Sunday lesson that I shared.

Lessons Learned from David Blaine’s TedMed Talk

There’s no magic. There’s just hard work.

People will love what you do when they see how much you love what you do.

The magnitude of a goal should not put out your fire. It should pour gas on it.

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