Finding the Groove Again

Day 136

Today is April 13, 2016.

The Presidential Election of 2044 is on November 8

(10,436 days from now)

Finding the Groove Again.

For a number of reasons, I was not able to make a post on Sunday, April 10th (Day 133). Not posting a blog on Sunday made it a whole lot easier to skip on Monday. Whether it be writer’s block, laziness or not feeling like anyone would notice, I also didn’t get around to posting yesterday.

After missing three days, the subject matter for today’s blog became very clear — Just get back in the groove. Start a new streak.

Failure can be a great motivator. It can also be very debilitating.

Failure is motivating when others hold the power over our success. Not acheiving our goal is invigorating, especially when someone else deems us as not being good enough. To use the vernacular of the times, “haters are my motivators.”

What about when we fail a commitment we made to ourselves? That type of failure can easily lead to negative thoughts — Failure to post a blog, failure to make it to the gym, failure to stay sober, or keep to a religious habit or maintain a certain temperment — When we slip up on these personal commitments, we tend to beat up on ourselves, only leading to more slipping.

If you agree with this certain “Failure Dichotomy” — failure to others is motivating, failure to self is debilitating — my only advice is to just get back in the groove. START A NEW STREAK.

“Day 1" typically leads to “Day 2” and beyond.

After writing this blog, I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

(It’s working!!!)

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