My First Campaign Contribution

(this is the first post of the #Fabra2044 daily blog from Nov 30th of last year)

Day 1

Today is November 30, 2015.

The Presidential Election of 2044 is on November 8

(10,571 days from now)

Today was a great great start. I approached the day with a focus and determination that I have not mustered in quite some time. Every moment mattered. There was no time wasted. If you know me well, well enough to know my (former) daily habits, you would know that wasting time is (used to be) a skill of mine. Today was different. I am proud of today.

The best story of the day comes from a generous act from a friend. I regularly perform stand-up comedy, and, up until the birth of this idea, it was my biggest passion. My friend Stan and I occasionally meet up at a coffee shop, consume caffeine and write jokes together. We met today.

After arriving at the coffee shop, we began to catch up and chat about our Thanksgivings. We shared the who, what, when, where of our holiday just like two friends would do. Then Stan asked what was new in my life. I told him that I had some big news, and that we should probably save the announcement until the end of our meeting lest we get distracted from the joke writing. As we were packing up the tools of our craft (laptop, notepad and pen), Stan was kind enough to circle back to this “big news”. I was really hoping he would because I am excited to share this story with everyone.

I told him, “I am going to run for President of the United States in 2044.” He didn’t crack a smile. I thought surely, after we had been writing jokes for the past hour, that he would take that statement as another wise-crack. He was supportive from the opening remark. Stan’s support was strong and sincere. Two comedians sat at the table having a serious conversation about running for President in 28 years (Comedians can get serious too)!

When a crazy idea (such as this one) is in it’s earliest stages (such as this one), receiving unquestioned support feels as good as a vote will in 2044. As we were about to leave the coffee shop, I told Stan that I was headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase a few necessary books for the journey ahead (LSAT Prep book, Presidential Biographies). Stan then reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and handed me a $100 bill. He said, “Here. Your first books are on me.”

Lessons Learned from Today

Stan is a good friend.

Strong focus leads to hard work. No focus leads to wasted time.

Never turn down a campaign contribution.

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