What are the backgrounds of junior VCs in Europe?

1. ‘Associate’ is by far the most common junior role

2. Junior VCs are predominantly male

3. Most junior VC roles are in London and Berlin

4. Associate is typically a 2 year role

Number of months the Associate has spent in their role

5. Associates have a variety of university degrees but tend to not have MBA degrees

6. Associates come largely from business and humanities backgrounds with very few engineers

7. The average Associate is 27 years old with 3 years of work experience prior to joining a VC fund

Months work experience prior to current role
Associate ages

8. Associates come from a variety of backgrounds with consulting and banking still popular choices

9. Internships can help towards a full-time role but aren't required




Belgian abroad. ex- @KimaVentures

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Vincent Jacobs

Vincent Jacobs

Belgian abroad. ex- @KimaVentures

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