The toy example you give about driving cross country is missing a key aspect: why do they want (or…
Chris Butler

Thanks for the note Chris! While the toy example with the road trip sufficiently simplifies the concepts above, it definitely grossly underplays the level of challenge that a worthwhile mission should embody. Perhaps some find a cross-country road trip challenging, but most likely don’t :).

It’s an interesting point you bring up about vision as well. I have a couple of thoughts here:

  1. The inspiration that comes with painting an exciting vision plays a bigger role than most leaders give it credit for, especially when it comes to aligning teams and keeping members motivated
  2. The vision, by virtue of its tangibility, tends to frame that challenge as a solvable problem rather than a crippling, insurmountable task

Would love to continue this conversation! I’ve gotten a few recommendations now from people about Good Strategy Bad Strategy so I’ll be sure to take a look!