Thank you for posting this Vince!
Dave Pestka

Dave, thanks so much for the intentional questions! Per usual, they’ve made me pause and reflect in ways that are sure to make me a better human.

There are three fears which come to mind immediately that I’m facing in my post-altMBA life:

  1. Writing publicly - both here and on my personal blog
  2. Sharing those writings with people I know from a spirit of generosity
  3. Seeking out clear and candid feedback in all areas of my life

All three of these cause me to pause frequently due to the fear. I often get that pit in my stomach feeling whenever I’m actively doing them. It’s still a bit scary, but I’m coming to love that feeling because it means that I’m probably growing. And it’s in the continuing to press forward even with the fear that the next time gets a little bit easier. I relish the opportunity!

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