My Experiences in the Medical Equipment Field

Hi and Welcome! My name is Vince Marchetti and I have extensive commercial expertise for driving business growth in the medical industry. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a B.S. in Business Administration and I currently reside in Coronado, California. Previously, I worked for Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI) as Regional Vice President of the active healing solutions division.

I have over 21 years of medical device experience including 13 years of outstanding results in the Vascular and Cardiovascular divisions of medical leaders Boston Scientific and Medtronic. I helped establish two new minimally invasive cardiovascular device markets and successfully saw them through to liquidity events. These included Lumend (acquired by Johnson & Johnson) and Novoste (acquired by Best Medical).

Some other career accomplishments of mine include being an established leader with a track record of building strong sales teams with effective sales processes and methods executed with the highest level of quality, speed and efficiency. I also have extensive experience at large established medical device companies and privately funded ‘first to market’ companies. I have a proven track record of best recruiting practices, developing people, managing, market development, selling in a highly competitive environment and change management.

I hope to pass some of this knowledge along to the readers, so stay tuned for more information about this field and my experiences!

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Entrepreneur. University of Central Missouri Grad. San Diego, California. 21 years of experience in the medical device field.