Vince Marchetti Explains the Importance of Networking for Career Success

Networking, the art of schmoozing and socializing with strangers, can be a dreary sight in one’s day planner, as it often represents a time-consuming, wearisome, and uncomfortable interaction.

Still, it cannot be disputed that impressive networking channels can be the difference between an applicant being shortlisted for a position of employment and having their qualifications tossed aside, the difference between career success and shortcomings.

Vince Marchetti, previously the Regional Vice President of the active healing solutions division at Kinetic Concepts Incorporated and Coronado, California entrepreneur, has supplied a few essential reasons as to why networking can make or break a career trajectory.

Networking Places You on The Radar

A career plan entails that you get yourself noticed professionally and networking can certainly accomplish this goal, Vince Marchetti states. If you make it abundantly clear that you can offer something unique and useful to an employer, your first impression will be classified as a memorable one. Allowing your knowledge and services to enrapture your audience, you also open the opportunity of a potential partnership that could be career defining. Your networking approach, when executed properly, can largely enhance your visibility, and create a host of career options.

Networking Boosts Your Creative Capacity

Participating in networking events exposes you to a variety of new ideas, a wealth of information that you might not have received otherwise, Vince Marchetti notes. The relationships that you cultivate are a natural source for exchanging thoughts and developing trust. Then, these newfound practices can be integrated into your career strategizing and the daily habits followed in your current place of employment. At times, there is a tendency to run into a stumbling block on a project, but an interaction with a second set of eyes is capable of producing a breakthrough and instilling a lesson for future tasks. Needless to say, you should constantly strive to foster mutually beneficial relationships with such intellectual people.

Networking Raises Your Status & Confidence

Although attaining any significant career status is a lengthy process, your networking connections can propel you to heights that were perhaps unimaginable, Vince Marchetti says. Building relationships with influential contacts comes with time and experience, but even a single name can elevate your status and provide remarkable opportunities. Also, networking can shape your self-confidence superbly because it is an outlet that forces you to communicate with other likeminded people. Your first attempts at charming strangers might be less-than-stellar, but you will only improve over time. Later, during job interviews or more networking events, that self-confidence will be pivotal in you staking your claim in the job market.

Networking Lets You Observe Your Peers

Through networking, you introduce yourself to experts who are involved in your respective field, Vince Marchetti claims. Being in the company of these individuals, you learn of the various levels associated with your career path and exactly how people, of similar positions or in the upper echelon, have snatched their success. It will be fairly evident that these people owe a great amount of their professional achievements to networking with aplomb.

Entrepreneur. University of Central Missouri Grad. San Diego, California. 21 years of experience in the medical device field.