Easily send push notifications using Scaphold’s GraphQL API.

At Scaphold, we’ve talked to thousands of people from all walks of GraphQL life, and discovered that mobile is the next frontier for GraphQL tooling. Apollo has already done a wonderful job of strengthening the community with Apollo Client for iOS and Android. And there’s certainly more to come.

We’re joining the mobile effort!

… With more GraphQL support for iOS and Android push notifications on Scaphold. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send push notifications with a GraphQL API built to the open standard that works with both Apollo and Relay on any client platform.

Configuring Push Notifications with GraphQL

Before we…

Using GraphQL to enable Apple push notifications for mobile devices in 4 easy steps.

Calling all iOS mobile developers! Today, we’re going to walk you through how to set up Apple push notifications for your GraphQL server.

It’s about time for mobile to get some GraphQL love. ❤️

We’re going to cut right to the chase with the 4 steps to get you set up right away with iOS push notifications.

Prerequisite: You must have an Apple Developer Account and an actual iOS device configured for development. Learn how to configure your device here.

1. Create and register your iOS app.

We’re going to start off by creating an iOS app. …

Using GraphQL to enable Android GCM push notifications for mobile devices in 3 easy steps.

Calling all Android mobile developers! Today, we’re going to walk you through how to set up Android push notifications for your GraphQL server.

It’s about time for mobile to get some GraphQL love. ❤️

We’re going to cut right to the chase with the 3 steps to get you set up right away with Android push notifications.

Prerequisite: You must have an actual Android device configured for development.

1. Create a Google API project to enable GCM.

We’re going to start off by creating an Android app. To make it easier for you, we’ve provided a starter kit that goes along with this guide.

Download the starter kit here.

Performance monitoring for Scaphold apps

Update: There is a new version of Optics! Apollo Engine has everything Optics does plus error tracking, query caching, and more. Engine is free for 1 million requests a month and it’s easy to switch from Optics to Engine using our migration guide.

Hi folks! Today, we’re going to be walking through why you should be monitoring and analyzing your GraphQL server for performance, and how Scaphold and Apollo Optics integrate to make this very easy.

Why are analytics important?

For those that care about performance, money, UX, and scalability.

As we move into a GraphQL-first world, it’s important to be able to understand…

Using GraphQL to provide amazing search experiences

Every day, millions of requests are served by Scaphold.io, a GraphQL backend as a service company that helps people rapidly develop apps.

We’ve helped companies like National Geographic, Visa, and software consulting agencies drastically reduce their development cycle from 3 months to 2 weeks.

At Scaphold, we pride ourselves in not only providing the best app development experience, but also offering the best end-user experiences as possible. We ensure that every request makes it to the client as reliably, efficiently, and as fast as possible with millisecond latencies.

Milliseconds really do matter! ⌛️

The Problem

Apps need any easy way to add…

Featuring inspiring projects made with GraphQL

Hello world,

Today, I’m happy to announce the first publication that features GraphQL powered apps.

What is GraphQL?

It’s an open source technology that was born out of Facebook and powers the majority of their mobile and web applications that billions of people use today.

It’s amazing.

Who are we?

We are the Michael Paris and Vince Ning, serial app makers passionate about new tech and in particular, GraphQL. …

Quick guide on how to notify the nearest Pokémon Trainer with event-based triggers on Scaphold’s GraphQL platform.

Want to get notified every time a new rare Pokémon appears near you in Pokémon Go? Excited to have it join you in the ultimate nostalgia-filled quest to catch them all? Here’s a simple way to get started with GraphQL!

In this tutorial, we’ll create a Pokémon Go Clone app that will send Pokémon trainers push notification alerts whenever a new Pokémon appears near them.

We’ll be leveraging a couple services to help us do so without any infrastructure.

Namely, the tools we’ll be using are the following:

Quick guide on how to use OAuth with Scaphold’s GraphQL platform.

Hi GraphQL-Lovers!

Social authentication has been a hot topic for developers and users alike. There are many guides on how to implement it for traditional REST-based APIs, so here’s one for the good guys.

Why social authentication? It all starts with the users. Most people have online social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. So they’re thinking,

“I’ll check out your app if I can just log in with my existing Facebook or Twitter account.”

The benefits are two-fold.

  1. Users are excited to get to remember one less account name and password. Hooray!
  2. Developers gets more content from these…

Hackathons, hackathons, and more hackathons. After roughly two weeks in the Bay Area, the Scaphold team’s been spending time in rooms full of technology enthusiasts.

BASEHacks in Sunnyvale, CA at MIcrosoft

Huge shoutout to AT&THacks and BASEHacks for hosting phenomenal events to spur the innovative culture! We met some of the brightest and most passionate people in the industry, helping them create their next big ideas.

Bottom line: hackers love using Scaphold to build their apps! We gave a few talks and demos on how the platform works, from teaching GraphQL to empowering eager hackers to integrate this new technology into their apps.

We found that…

Today, we’re launching something very special. Over the last six months, the Scaphold team has been building a data platform to power the next generation of apps. In a world muddied by an endless flood of tools and platforms, each offering their own opinions on how to get things done, we’re on a mission to bring order to the chaos. What’s our trick? GraphQL. The declarative, compositional, and strongly-typed protocol presents a novel way for interacting with APIs.

It’s the future!

Scaphold takes GraphQL and makes it dead simple to use. In under 5 minutes, you will have a flexible…

Vince Ning

The service behind Scaphold’s GraphQL-as-a-service

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