Thanks for the answer! I'm wondering how you are handling complex mutations, do you use stored procedure in the database? Or are you composing multiple GraphQL calls from the frontend without transactions?

Discover graphql-sequelize-generator and the magic of schema-generated GraphQL!

The GraphQL Summit 2017, when we decided to switch from REST to GraphQL.


Graphql-sequelize-generator is a library that will help you to quickly setup a Node.js POC/MVP with Sequelize and GraphQL.

We want a POC, and we want it now!

When we started to work on Teamstarter we wanted to quickly test it on our user base and see if the concept worked. We needed a very simple implementation of the core of the concept, a private crowdfunding platform for organizations, a proof of concept (POC).

Usually, when I do a small POC of a random idea, most of the time it ends up as a dead repository on my Github after a few weeks, like an ECS based on redux or…

URSSAF de Nîmes. Source: Holding Tissot.

Bonjour à tous,

Si comme nous vous préparez votre entreprise à affronter les prochains mois, vous trouverez sûrement utile de demander un report de 3 mois (sans pénalités !) des paiements de cotisations à l’URSSAF.

Pour ce faire, c’est assez simple :

1. Se connecter sur

I have been a PHP developer for more than 10 years and I recently moved to the JS full stack world. I was already familiar with JavaScript. I had my jQuery phase, then an Angular App and I finally started using React.

When I was a beginner in PHP, I embedded it in HTML files. My code was a mess. Therefore I started using frameworks to try organizing it: ZF1 and ZF2. With time passing, API-first approach left me with a server composed of a generated REST API and a few hundred lines of custom code.

As only a minor…

What the web can learn from video game development

Today was a great day, for the first time in years I was back into the video game industry world. Before working for Inovia I was a video game programmer, mostly developing in C#, C++ and Python. Now I’m developing a BI platform in Postgres/PHP/JS.

TLDR: Today I had the chance to visit the GDC, and was amazed to discover that both worlds were colliding.

From an experimental status last year, it’s now ready to be shipped in 2016 and every vendor had VR headset in play-test stage: nVidia, Sony, Facebook/Occulus, Epic games, Unity, and a tons of other smaller…

Vincent Desmares

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