Real-time prediction of where user is paying attention — and automatic alteration of content — DejaVu

In this example (video below) shows a user interacting with a product page on — in the beginning the attention and the mouse movement is around the top left side of the page.

Our artificial intelligence records the mousemovement and categorizes the page as a product page with a certain template — thus as the mouse starts to move towards the imagery, our AI predicts attention being around the visual search of the product, thus fading down the right side with the price tag and selection options (those are not in the users attention or intent at the moment)

Then as the user explores and matures the visual search — our AI detects this pattern and as the mouse movement indicates the visual search phase is coming to an end — our AI then makes sure the right side of the product page becomes highly visible by fading it up as the mouse movements come closer to the content.

This way — we can in real time predict where the user is paying attention — and alter the content in a way to support the intent and motivation of the user. All in real-time, and on every single session on the site.