Akita detects attempts to mimic legitimate sites to get you to add your login details. It scans the page you are visiting and detects suspicious code and elements that are not suppose to be there.  

It works in real time and protects you from giving away your login details to criminals and from your computer being infected and used in bot attacks.

Besides having a versatile enterprise AWS powered server structure, utilizing Tensorflow & AWS machine learning — 77sense also went out and tested 7.000 people using brainscanners, eye tracking & heart rate — generating more than 600 million data points on attention, emotion and memory activation while they were browsing the web (facebook, shopping, reading news, writing emails etc).

This generated a unique and proprietary dataset that we use to train our AI’s using 19 algorithms mimic’ing how the human brain works when “making a decision” — its a database of “fingerprints” of specific targeted human subconscious reactions to specific visual and content related input.

We now want to explore the opportunity to develop specific AI’s that solve relevant and crucial tasks for Shopify entrepreneurs within the frame of our platform (human decision making, problem solving, prediction)



Recently I have written about how we created a novel approach to doing predictive analytics — and how we used machine learning as part of our “CortexHive” that provide curated data on intention and motivation in real time for users on our clients sites & apps.

This time I will…

Vinncent Vermillion

President and Founder of GetSupremacy Inc & Group CTO

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